OCSTD Center

Orange County STD Center
Orange County STD Center
Orange County STD Center

OCTSD Center is California's Premier Medical Health Clinic specializing in testing and treatment of common Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). Although they feature testing for STD’s, their office also practices internal medicine and attends to patients of all types.

We met Dr. Nassir of OC STD Center during his search for an Orange County web design company. After meeting with Dr. Nassir, and getting a better understanding his goals for the business our team proposed an extensive custom solution.

Custom Photography - One of the primary concerns for Dr. Nassir was to differentiate OC STD Center from its competitors by highlighting the fact the center is doctor operated as opposed to an un-informed lab technician like many STD testing facilities. An on-site photography shoot was arranged and photographs of Dr. Nassir and his staff were captured and then presented on the site.

Logo design – Our logo design services helped establish the company’s identity. After a few renditions, a memorable, aesthetically pleasing logo was approved.

Print media design – to supplement the business’ marketing efforts, our in-house graphic designer helped design brochures. These printed pieces were used help educate patients on all of the available services offered by the center as well as a marketing tool to help promote the center itself.

Online Marketing - A thoroughly planned out marketing campaign was devised to increase the website’s presence in search engines - professionally written SEO friendly content, as well as an extensive online advertising campaign through Google Adwords. Through our SEO services and paid advertisement services OC STD Center’s website is atop search engines for many of the keywords and search terms we targeted. This increase in online visibility has lead to increased business for Dr. Nassir and his staff.