Brand identity is key for helping a business connect to its audience. Incorporating elements across the creative services, building a brand is much more than just logo design - it represents the message, values and very essence of your company.

The creative team at Aryosys are experts in brand development and positioning. Harnessing the knowledge gained as our relationship with you grows, we help you to convey your values and implement a style guide that results in a strong, consistent identity for your business across your website and other media, allowing you to engage potential customers and build your customer base.

We know how much time, money and effort the right brand architecture can save from the start.


Brand Architecture

No matter the current size of your company, it is important to have a clear organizational structure in place for the brands (if more than one), products and services it’s comprised of. This structure is the skeleton that defines how everything your company offers is related.

For a small business this may not seem important, but if you introduce a new brand, product or service as your company grows, this framework provides a blueprint for how it fits into your company - crucial for allowing your customers to understand why they should buy it from you, and how your staff should present it.

The Aryosys team will work with you at the start of the branding process to define the brand architecture. Everything that follows, from differentiation to identity, is tied into the decisions that are made for the architecture of your brand. We know how much time, money and effort the right brand architecture can save from the start when marketing your products and services, and further down the line as your company grows.


Brand Positioning

Brand positioning starts with a positioning statement, which describes your company’s target market and the overall view of how your brand should be perceived within it. Without knowing this, it’s difficult to formulate an effective marketing strategy or nurture brand recognition.

Positioning is also important for determining market differentiation, clarifying why a potential customer should choose your company over the competition, and reinforcing the value of your offerings.

We will work with you to develop your company’s positioning statement, starting with extensive research into your competitors to see their brand positions, how effective they are, and how they can be bettered. We then combine this information with your own aspirations for your brand, knowing the importance of remaining true to your values to inspire trust and ensure authenticity. The result is a positioning statement that can be used to establish yourself in the market and grow your customer base.

Brand Promise

If your brand positioning defines where you would like your company to sit in the market, then in its simplest terms your brand promise is the execution of that positioning. It is your company telling its customers what they can expect during an interaction, such as making a purchase or contacting customer service.

This allows customers to differentiate you from your competition, and makes your company more attractive and relatable.

The Aryosys team can guide you through the process of establishing your brand promise. It’s not as simple as writing a tagline or merely stating what you intend to do, although those things can help. It’s imbued wherever your company connects to its customer base - in the copy of your web pages, the language of customer service calls, and the decisions you make as your business strategies develop. We will also help you decide if your brand promise is feasible, as there is nothing more important for a brand to maintain its customer base than keeping its promises.

Brand Identity & Style

Once your company’s brand strategy has been established, it needs to be distilled into an identity that perfectly represents your business in a meaningful way that resonates with both potential and existing customers. This is achieved through a variety of different techniques and is dependent on the specific needs of your business.

Our experienced team will help you to build your brand identity, or refine your existing branding, to encapsulate all of the characteristics and goals that we have set with you in the development of your brand strategy. This can involve devising the perfect name for your company, creating your logo, color scheme and other visual elements with our brand design services, website design and development, and communicating the essence of your brand style verbally through copywriting.

Branding Services