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Videos can play a big role in the promotion of your business and the engagement of potential customers. Statistically, landing pages that contain videos convert better than those without. In email marketing, the mere mention of a video increases click-through rates, while providing a play button or clickable frame that opens a video on your website can more than double the number of conversions.

The knowledge that we build during the course of our relationship with you puts us in a unique position to produce videos about your business, from storyboarding and script writing to post production. Whether it's animation/motion graphics or lectures and interviews, marketing campaigns or informative explainers, we have to the knowhow to create videos that take your online presence to new levels.

Motion graphics.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics videos can make your business stand out, telling your story, capturing attention and connecting your brand to potential customers.

Videos do not have to consist of complicated live action or 3d rendered scenes in order to make an impact. If you wish to convey the basic concepts behind your product or service (an “explainer” video), bring life to infographics, tell the history of your company, or present complex ideas in a way that’s easy to understand, then motion graphics can be an excellent way to do it. This style of video also lends itself perfectly to social media marketing, stopping users in their tracks as they swipe through their feed.

We understand the power and potential of motion graphics. That’s why we have developed the knowledge and expertise to produce stunning motion graphics using brand assets such as your logo, abstract objects using your color scheme, and text using your font styles. We can help with (or carry out) initial scripting and storyboarding, before our creative team handles the graphic design, animation, sound and music coordination and rendering of your videos.

2D & 3D Animation

If the story you want to tell or concept you want to explain has many facets to it, then motion graphics may not do it justice. This is where animation comes into play.

A script with dialog and multiple actors driving the story can be realized into fluid animations in either 2D “cartoon” style, or 3D with varying degrees of realism depending on your needs. Animations allow your imagination to run wild, and have been proven to increase customer engagement.

The creative team at Aryosys uses 2D and 3D design tools to hand-create custom characters and props. These assets are then integrated into either graphical scenes or live video and animated, allowing your video tell the story you want to tell. We can handle all aspects of the production process from initial concepts to the finalized visuals and audio.


Interview videos are excellent for adding personality to a message that your business wishes to share with potential customers. Whether it’s an executive telling the story of the company, employees enthusiastically explaining what they do, or satisfied customers extolling the virtues of working with you, video interviews are an engaging and convincing marketing tool.

At Aryosys, we know that a compelling video interview is more than simply sitting someone in front of a camera. Every interview is unique, so we take time to understand the message that you wish to convey and do the groundwork to ensure a flawless video shoot, while high-end video cameras and audio recording equipment result in perfect quality. A relaxed interviewee makes for a more natural interview, so our team makes sure the subjects are calm and comfortable, even if it’s there first time in front of the camera. Post-production also plays a big role in the perfect video - we can incorporate motion graphics for captions and callouts to provide visual flair and make your interview videos truly individual.

Lectures & Presentations

Marketing may not be the only reason that you need to obtain video product services. Videos may be the very nature of your business, such as for an e-learning website that offers courses in video lecture format, or any kind of instructor-led lessons or tutorials. Similarly, your company may wish to present end-of-year reports, business proposals or other information you would classically find in a PDF or PowerPoint presentation, in an exciting and engaging manner.

We have extensive experience in the production of lecture and presentation videos. If you have information that you need to present to the viewer, we can coordinate everything from in-studio direction and filming with the latest video and audio equipment, through to extensive post-production including color grading, video and audio editing, and the incorporation of effects such as graphics and text to accompany the spoken content, animation or motion graphics, and more.

Post Production & Editing

Raw video footage is often not enough to act as a marketing tool or part of product or solution on its own. Post-production and editing happens after the video has been shot, adding the embellishments that turn a quality video into a full-blown, slick, and professional work.

Our creative team uses an array of tools and skills to add the finishing touches to company videos. This work can incorporate a range of techniques such as adding titles and credits, text and graphical overlays, motion graphics, animation, special effects, color correction, as well as audio manipulation, voiceovers, and the addition of music.