Graphic Design

In the world of business, image and first impressions are everything. Many potential customers will decide on the credibility of your company based on how professional-looking your corporate identity is. Whether it’s your website or printed marketing material, you need to put your best foot forward and ensure everything with your company’s name on it looks nothing short of professional. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, there is no better way to do it visually than through quality graphic design.


Website Themes

Your business is unique, your website should be too - and it should resonate with your target market and customer base alike.

Website Themes

The relationship we build with your company allows us to fully understand your business - its goals, focus and direction. This puts us in the perfect position to create a custom design tailored to meet those needs, whilst reflecting your brand throughout the website. The Aryosys team is based in California, which means we’re local - and can work with you directly at a time that suits you.

Brand Design

Color Schemes

Brand Design

We know what it takes to develop a strong brand. At the beginning of your relationship with Aryosys, our creative team will work with you to make sure that your brand identity is up to required standard, or we can develop one with you if you are starting from scratch or would like to rebrand. We cover all aspects of your visual brand identity including logos, color scheme, typography and art.

Large Format

Tradeshow Booths
Door Wraps
Vehicle Wraps

Large Format

The creative team at Aryosys is adept at transferring their design expertise to larger formats. Coupled with modern techniques that allow for printing on a wide array of materials, this allows us to devise designs on a grand scale for a wide range of applications such as trade show booths, banners, lightboxes and tablecloths, signage, decals and door wraps, posters, vehicle wraps, and much more. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Small Format

Business Cards
Marketing Flyers
Cards & Postcards

Small Format

After working extensively with your business to establish or refine your brand identity, Aryosys is perfectly placed to take care of all of your branded small format requirements such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes, marketing flyers, brochures and presentation folders, cards and postcards, booklets and even complete books, incorporating the assets we helped to create such as logos, colors and typography.

Email Templates

Responsive email templates for desktop and mobile.

Email Templates

Tapping into our web design capabilities and utilizing the experience and expertise required for this specialized area of design, we can produce attractive and responsive (works on desktop and mobile) HTML email templates that carry your brand identity into the inboxes of everyone who receives emails from your business.

Landing Pages

We can tailor custom landing pages to each of your marketing campaigns.

Landing Pages

By combining the multiple disciplines of creative design, development, UX and marketing, we can tailor custom landing pages to each of your marketing campaigns. These pages differ from normal pages on your website, with highly targeted content and visuals that relate to the campaign, modifications such as removing navigation to reduce distractions, and careful inclusion of “calls to action” such as phone links or contact/buy buttons in strategic locations within the page layout.


No matter how complex your website or web-based system is, it has to be easy for people to understand and use. If it’s complicated or confusing, engagement will reduce and that can have a direct impact on your business. That’s why we start all of our web designs with UI/UX, using a human-centered design methodology.

As we never outsource, our Orange County designers and developers work closely together to find the sweet spot between visuals and functionality, providing the best possible user experience. And because we maintain your website after launch, any future additions will follow the same UI/UX patterns, ensuring consistency for all aspects of the site for the lifetime of your project.

Video Production & Animation

Motion Graphics
We know how motion graphics videos can make your business stand out, telling your story, capturing attention and connecting your brand to potential customers. That’s why we have developed the knowledge and expertise to produce stunning motion graphics using brand assets such as your logo, abstract objects using your color scheme, and text using your font styles.
Post Production & Editing
Our creative team uses an array of tools and skills to add the finishing touches to company videos. This work can incorporate a range of techniques such as adding titles and credits, text and graphical overlays, motion graphics, animation, special effects, color correction, as well as audio manipulation, voiceovers, and the addition of music.
2D & 3D Animation
The creative team at Aryosys uses 2D and 3D design tools to hand-create custom characters and props. These assets are then integrated into either graphical scenes or live video and animated, allowing your video tell the story you want to tell. We can handle all aspects of the production process from initial concepts to the finalized visuals and audio.
Lectures & Presentations
We have extensive experience in the production of lecture and presentation videos. If you have information that you need to present to the viewer, we can coordinate everything from in-studio direction and filming to extensive post-production.
At Aryosys, we know that a compelling video interview is more than simply sitting someone in front of a camera. Every interview is unique, so we take time to understand the message that you wish to convey and do the groundwork to ensure a flawless video shoot, while high-end video cameras and audio recording equipment result in perfect quality.


Brand identity is key for helping a business connect to its audience. Incorporating elements across the creative services, building a brand is much more than just logo design - it represents the message, values and very essence of your company.

The creative team at Aryosys are experts in brand development and positioning. Harnessing the knowledge gained as our relationship with your Seal Beach company grows, we help you to convey your values and implement a style guide that results in a strong, consistent identity for your business across your website and other media, allowing you to engage potential customers and build your customer base.



The impact and engagement of even the most visually stunning website can be greatly reduced content that is poorly written. Original copy that gets your message across connects people to your business, and can effectively drive engagement, traffic and even sales. You know your business, but perhaps you simply aren’t able to put it into words in a way that resonates with potential customers.


Your brand's colors and fonts are important, but in order to take your website and other media to the next level, photographs go a long way. Using photos in strategic places on your website can help reinforce your message, make your pages more engaging, and provide a unique experience for your customers.

We have the expertise, equipment, facilities and photographers to take premium photos of your premises, staff, or products, helping to capture the identity of your business and convey it to your audience. Photo retouching comes as part of the service, ensuring that each photograph is free of blemishes or distractions.